Sunday, August 2, 2015

Swashbuckling Pirate Wench

My first instinct when I saw these Red Cat Eye Contacts was to do a vampire look, but I immediately shot that down feeling it was a little too overdone. I very quickly jumped to an idea I would be much more passionate about - pirates! Although having recently seen a book with the subject matter, I think doing a "vampirate" would have been awesome. haha Maybe someday?? lol

The contacts are Spooky Red Cat Eye Contacts from SpookyEyes. This is my fourth pair from SpookyEyes and I love these just as much as the others! I would happily own every single pair of their contacts if I could. haha They have the best designs! 

The SpookyEyes contacts really bring the look together. I love the red color and how evil they look. :)

The hair was fun to do. I added lots of little braids and twists, beads, twine, and feathers! 

These last photos were taken indoors so I wouldn't have the sun glaring out the details. I had a cut over one eye, across one cheek, and a fun "X" cut on my chest which started to peel a bit in the photos, grr. But I liked it nonetheless. Then I had bruising on my chest, shoulders, and one of my cheeks. I was pleased with the results considering they were done with really basic materials. :) 

Phew, this little project has been a hassle in the making! I am a month late getting this up. I was so excited, spent the night researching pirate ideas and practicing cuts and bruises on my arm, preparing for this look. Then the next morning I came down with a terrible flu which left me in bed the majority of July. It was the worst I've ever been sick. Of course I felt like the worst person in the world for missing my deadline, but the people at etailPR were so patient and understanding, which I am beyond grateful for! When I was finally well again, I did rush a bit to make up for lost time. I think that just ended up putting me further behind, because I had poor lighting which caused a lot of glares and was unable to get out to any fitting location, so I ended up having a lot of not-so-good photos and a lot of editing to do. Gah. 

But all the struggles aside, this was a really fun look to do and I was especially excited to learn to do bruises and cuts, play around with the contacts, and do a pirate look. :)

Disclaimer: I received the contacts for review from SpookyEyes through etailPR, but all opinions are my own honest views!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Smile Brilliant // Teeth Whitening Kit

Let me just say, I did not realize just how bad my teeth were prior to using this kit. haha I was a little worried to test it out because I was unsure how much of a difference there would really be. I certainly didn't have the worst yellowing. I don't smoke cigarettes nor do I drink coffee. That said, I haven't been able to afford seeing a dentist in....a long time. So I imagined I could at least benefit from it. I had no idea just how right I was!

The teeth whitening kit I used is from Smile Brilliant, and I'm so glad I had the chance to try them out! Their associates have been immensely helpful, which only made me love the brand even more. 

When a product rocks and the associates go above and beyond, you know you've found a place you can trust! 

Smile Brilliant is wonderful because they offer professional quality whitening but with the perks of doing it from home and for a fraction of the cost. Prior to Smile Brilliant, custom trays were only available at the dentist for $500+. These are sold for $119.95! Quite frankly, I never walked out of the dentist as pleased as I am with Smile Brilliant. They are more than worth it!

They way they work is by using custom made trays filled with whitening gel. You can leave it on from anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours, so you really get to have control over it. The trays are essentially like retainers, but better. I had retainers made after I got my braces off, and to be honest, I never wore them because they made me gag so badly. I also have TMJ (problems with my jaw) so I tend to have to be extra careful about what goes into my mouth. I was a little concerned about how I would handle the trays, but my worry was for naught! I had no discomfort at all! The trays are not as thick or overpowering as the retainers. If only my retainers had been so pleasant, I may still have straight teeth. haha

To whiten your teeth, you have three sets of products and steps.

Firstly, you have the Teeth Whitening Trays. You are sent the products needed to create your impressions (molds of your teeth for your custom fit trays), which is very easy to do! 

To create the trays, you need two blue trays, catalyst paste, and base paste. They also include extra materials in case you want to redo an impression. :)

Creating the molds are really simple! You basically just mix the catalyst and base pastes and press it into the tray. Once you have done that, you press it into your teeth and it creates the impressions. It only takes 4-5 minutes for each impression (including preparation) so it is very quick to do! The molding trays can be a little awkward but are not uncomfortable in the mouth.

Here were my completed molds:

After that, you just mail them back in. They have 3-way paid postage so all of your postage should be covered! Another bonus!

Then they create your trays and mail them to you! I had an incredible experience with their shipping. I was amazed at how fast it was. 

Then you receive your trays inside a very convenient carrying case. It's not bulky at all.

They also send you the dental molds which is the coolest thing ever. haha I have a shelf for creepier things - skulls, apothecary bottles, etc so I definitely intend to paint this up a bit and have it on my shelf. haha I mean, who doesn't want a mold of their own teeth, amiright? haha

Once you have your trays, you can begin whitening! 

Here were my Before photos!

To use the trays, all you do is apply a string of whitening gel along the inside of the trays. A little goes a long way! In 2 weeks I used only one syringe. Perhaps I wasn't using enough as it says one syringe is 3 treatments, but I found the amount that I used worked incredibly well so I figured why waste it? haha After you finish the whitening gel, there is a desensitizing gel to help protect your teeth. It is applied the same way but only needs about 5-15 minutes to work. I am not certain that it is mandatory but I imagine it is wise to use for protection. I had no sensitivity or discomfort using the product at all. Oh! And the syringes are purple and green!! Do you know me?? haha 

The first treatment, I left it on for about 30 minutes. Here was the result after only one treatment.

Um, yes please! I was blown away by how quickly it worked! Instant results!

I continued with it daily for about two weeks. On average I left it on for about 30 minutes to an hour. I kept trying to leave it on as long as possible but I'd get hungry or have to leave. haha So seriously, these results are from a minimal amount of treatment. Just imagine if I left it on the full 3 hours!

The results after two weeks!

*cue choir of angels*

Yupp. I'd say it works!! haha I am completely and totally blown away by this product! I will definitely be continuing this product and can't wait to convince everyone I know to use it too. haha

You can also check out their Reviews & Testimonials page to see what other people thought as well. :) They even have a 30 day money back guarantee! (Though I highly doubt you'd want to!)

I cannot rave enough about this product! I'm always very self conscious about my smile. I had dreadful teeth prior to braces and was often teased, so now any imperfection makes me very self conscious. But this product helped restore a great deal of confidence! 

I highly highly recommend it! You won't be disappointed! Easily one of my favorite things I have reviewed in my 2+ years blogging! Looove!! :)

Disclaimer: I was sent the product free for review, but all opinions are by far 110% my own honest views! 
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