Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life Lately // Poison Ivy

So this is what I've been dealing with. Doesn't look like much in these photos but gosh dang if this hasn't been awful. 

I've been making DIY apothecary jars for Halloween. For the clear ones, I try to put stuff inside that corresponds with the labels I stuck on them. (examples - dirt for graveyard dust; green liquid for poison; burned up paper for vampire ashes etc.) So for Deadly Nightshade I went outside and grabbed some leaves/twigs from a plant that grows around my holly bushes.

A day or two later I got a really bad cough/sore throat. It happened right after the weather here dropped so I assumed that was the cause, though I did think it was early for a cold. I think maybe the next day after that, I woke up and my neck was really itchy and had all these bumps. It seemed way worse than the normal once in a while acne itch, and despite being more broken out than usual, it was much worse than normal. I thought perhaps I'd been bitten. I sleep on a mattress on the floor curled up against the wall, and we get spiders, normally in the bathroom, but I get very paranoid. 

Finally the next day when it would not stop itching, I asked my father to look and see if it looked like I got bit by something, and he asked if I'd rubbed up against a tree or anything. I said the only thing I'd been near outside was the plant in the holly bush, and grabbed the bottle to show him. He looked it up online and discovered that sure enough it was poison ivy. The leaves were the same and my symptoms the same.


I've lived here 4 years, my father 5, and those plants been there long as I can remember. A lot of my manicure photos are taken on the holly bush, and often right next to those leaves. We have gardeners here all the time trimming the bushes/leaves etc. The landlord hasn't come since this happened but we're gonna let him know, so hopefully he'll have it dug up. 

I've been awful itchy and sick and I don't even want to try to figure out how long I slept yesterday. And I think it has spread even though I pretty much have kept bandaids on so I could avoid scratching or touching it. Which btw, is not comfortable, between snagging on my hair and making movements difficult and awkward. 

I'll definitely be happy when this is over, and will try to be more cautious about plants. lol

Moral of the story: learn your plants. :p haha

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Amaranthe is a painting I did recently that I'm really happy with! She's much larger than I usually work with. I wanted to do something relaxing so I didn't use a reference - just did what came to mind. I had such fun on this and I love doing styles like this - sort of impressionist-esque. haha

I used a glossy red paint so it's very shiny and difficult to photograph but I love the look of it!

I named Amaranthe after the plant amaranthus which also known as the "Love-Lies-Bleeding". I thought it was perfect! 

One of my favorite parts was making the eye makeup sparkly and creepy. :)

Indoor photo so it's bad quality, but here's Amaranthe hung up! I love using gallery canvases - no need for frames! 

I really want to do more large paintings like this! They look so great hung up. :)

What are your favorite types of art? Let me know!

Have a fantastic day!
- Toria
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