Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sister Style | Child's Nail Art - Rainbows

This is my last Sister Style post for now. Boo. :( Well, this was all from June, so she left a while ago, but it's still sad. I miss my baby girl! 

Sorry for the messy nails, I was in a rush and just when I finished, her dad was arriving to pick her up to hit the road. So I had to get some quick photos. I love the design though. I let her pick out the colors for the rainbow. The dark color is actually a really pretty blurple - just looks really dark here.

What is your favorite children's nail art? Let me know!

Have a wonderful day!
- Toria

Friday, September 12, 2014

Jamicure | Golden Wisteria

Hey hey! I got my first Jamberry lacquer so I decided to take off a couple wraps to try it out! This is Midas, the exclusive from the Glitz & Glam collection.

Midas is a metallic gold polish that I thought would go well with Wisteria for a fun autumn look!

I was so impressed with Midas. I'll probably do a full review on this, but I'll do ahead and say so here. It was a bit streaky in terms of appearance (not application) but only barely. Otherwise, it was like heaven. Applied so smooth, was opaque in one coat, (shown here with 2 for extra oomph), and my favorite trait - it dried quickly!  No smudges, nothing. I was a very happy camper!

I really like the look. I'm really loving double accents lately. 

It's a bit different than what I'd normally go for. I usually wouldn't pair these colors, nor wear such a bold print, but I adore it. And it's helping me come to grips with the end of summer. Little blessings. haha

What color(s) are you into for transitioning into summer? Let me know!

Have a jamtasic day!
- Toria
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