Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trendy Tuesday // She Was Always at Home Among the Rubble

Here recently I have begun taking strides to find myself, be true to myself. I have spent so much time putting on an act, and I finally said screw it. I have pretty much been tip-toeing around everyone, afraid of what people will think. So I decided that I am going to talk, and act, and look however I please. 

This look may not be popular, or up everyone's alley. But I felt more confident and pretty in this look than I have in a really, really long time. And after all, isn't that what beauty is all about?

I really love these heels. My favorite color + bows + studs + they are my most comfortable shoes. :)

Black heart necklace. Love the reflections in it! Also wore black hoop earrings and my black netting veil.

For makeup, I did two different versions. One with a dark lip and one with a nude lip. The makeup was purple/black "raccoon eye" which I wasn't sure would look well on me since I have small eyes, but I think the elaborateness of it actually made my eyes look larger. I really love it! I also added in a beauty mark just for something fun, and I love it!

When I uploaded the photos, I realized most of them looked like the makeup was all black, so I took another photo later in the day. A bit messy at that point but not too much. I'm still terrible at making my makeup go high enough. There is just too much space between my eyes and brows. I'm always afraid of making it look clownish but then I always regret it afterwards. haha

I really, really loved this look. I really love it with the dark lip. I kinda just want to wear this exact makeup every single day. haha 

Do you prefer the dark or nude lip? Or hate it altogether?

I was worried it would look bad - and partly afraid everyone would be like "ughh raccoon eyes gross" lmao But I think with my personality it fits and it really seemed to bring my features to life.

I have a lot of stuff planned for the blog, really tying in with my new path, and I am really excited about it! Hope you will enjoy it all as well. :)

Have a fabulous day, and always remember to be true to yourself!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Beauty Tip // How to Fix Part to Fake Fuller Hair

I just wanted to share with you a quick tip that I learned recently that I am in love with!

I have thin, dark hair and very pale skin - a triple whammy against that pesky part. For a while, I had been using a technique to pull back the back of the hair, lots of hairspray, but it was a lot of effort and still left white part in the front, and it just wasn't fool proof. 

I finally came across a tip that is so genius but such a simple, no-brainer that I can't believe I hadn't thought of it! 

Just use a brow shadow (or matte eyeshadow) in a color that matches your hair to fill in the part. Bam! Presto! Now have fuller-looking hair and no bold part screaming out! 

That's it! I have been using this trick a lot lately and just had to share! Such a simple trick but look how much better it looks! Woo! haha

Do you have any favorite tricks you love? I'd love to hear!

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